Living out of a Bag

I haven’t sat on my couch in over a month, turned on the tv in the living room in just as long. To say I’m exhausted feels like an understatement. This all started 7 weeks ago and the way I maneuvered my life to work around it is I live out of a backpack. In the mornings if I have to work I put comfortable clothes in my backpack and tennis shoes, if I’m working an evening shift I put work clothes and works shoes in my bag. I get up in the mornings and to be completely honest and real about this experience some mornings I’m to tired to shower, I instead take that extra 10/15 minutes to lay in bed in the quiet, other mornings I don’t brush my hair I just throw it in a messy bun and go sometimes because I’m tired and sometimes I can’t remember where I threw my hair brush in my mad dash around my house. I keep deodorant and a hair brush (which sometimes I use and throw in the backseat of my car or leave in the bathroom at work and I have to hunt later) and hair ties in my bag just incase. And I’m out the door as soon as I walk my dog. In the afternoons if I don’t swing in and let my dog out my boyfriend goes by and does it and then I get home most of the time around 930 or 10 and I let the dog out, change into pajamas and get into bed with my iPad and watch Netflix. The other day I was at work when I put my hair up to feel that I never rinsed the shampoo out of my hair when I was in the shower. What I’m trying to say is that it’s an overwhelming, exhausting experience but I’m certainly not complaining, everyday that I get to spend with my dad, every minute is a blessing. One minute more is a wish a lot of people have about their parents and I’m collecting my minutes, sitting in quiet, talking, laughing, fussing at times but it’s all worth it. I love this man, and that’s what makes it worth it.image

(my sloth riding a shark holding an umbrella bag, because if your living out of a bag might as well be this one)


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  1. Great blog! Such courage to write about such a difficult time . Love your humor and your courage. You are helping so many people by sharing your stories


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