I spent 45 minutes doing my make up today. Which isn’t an incredibly long time but I still did it. All because I had to pay my dads rehab bill because we are at the point where his insurance will only cover 80% (I’ll go into details about that craziness later) and so I got dressed to run a check into this office because I wanted to look put together. Like I could handle anything and I’m good at handling my dads affairs. I think it’s because the invoice got sent to my brother, I mean I’m his power of attorney, I’m the one who is on file but they sent him an invoice that he looked over and he sent me a pic of it and told me to pay it. So anyway I wanted to look like I to am responsible and capable and all of that. So I go pay and then go visit my dad. He asked me to take the leg off his wheel chair and I couldn’t do it. I have never done it. My brother can do it. He’s done it before. But i can’t. So my dad gets mad, I get upset and 6 minutes after I got there I left. I got KFC and cried and ate chicken in my car, ruining my make up. And that’s how it feels to be unappreciated and overwhelmed, it feels greasy.


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